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Education and Community Events for Suicide Prevention

  • Saturation Training
    Saturation Training” or basic education to the key
    gatekeepers laid out in the National Strategy for Suicide
    Prevention along with any other interested party. 


  • Advanced Training
    Advanced level training for helping professions or those who
    would be providing emergency and/or ongoing care.


  • Awareness Campaigns
    Awareness campaigns to bring this issue to the attention of
    the community.


  • Coordination with the Media
    Working with the media to promote proper coverage and
    prevent contagion.


  • Supporting Prevention Methods
    Supporting means restriction as an effective method of prevention.

  • Community Involvement
    Working with existing organizations and groups to create a
    collaborative, efficient effort.

Upcoming Events

Training and Events Sponsored by FailSafe for Life

Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (ASIST) Sponsored by Failsafe for Life and Providence Community Benefits 

Date: October 8-9, 2020

Time: 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM PST


Providence Sacred Heart, Mother Gamelin Center
Elizabeth, Emilie and Holy Angels Rooms
20 W. 9th Avenue  
Spokane, WA 99201

ASIST is a two-day intensive, interactive, and practice-dominated course designed by LivingWorks to help caregivers recognize and review risk, and intervene to prevent the immediate risk of suicide. It is by far, the most widely used, acclaimed, and researched suicide intervention training workshop in the world.

Learn How to:

  • Recognize invitations for help

  • Reach out and offer support

  • Review the risk of suicide

  • Apply a suicide intervention model

  • Link people with community resources

ASIST Flyer 10-2020.jpg


  • Participation in the full two days is mandatory

  • No refunds will be given if canceling after October 1, 2020


  • This training is offered for $50.00

  • Please Note: Cost for one person to take part in ASIST Training and ASIST materials typically costs $295.00. Through money raised by FailSafe for Life, we are able to offer this training at a reduced cost in Spokane and the surrounding community.


  • Space is limited. Registration is required. Grab and go lunch is provided. Please enjoy your breakfast and coffee before entering the workshop.

Masks worn over the nose and mouth will be required of every participant for the full workshop.
If you have medical reasons for not being able to wear a mask or are hard of hearing, we look forward to seeing you at a workshop in the future when we can accommodate you!  

Questions? Contact:

"It (ASIST) delivered as promised.  I didn’t think I would come away with any useful tools, but learned a wealth of knowledge.  Also, because of the way it was taught, I feel confident that I have the new skills and also that I will not forget them.  The trainers were excellent.  Thank you!" - Attendee

"This is an excellent training for anyone who works with people. All people, all ages, all socio-economic levels, can be at risk for depression and suicidal thinking. This great training gives you the tools to be able to comfortably engage someone in a conversation that will lead them to get the help they need. Medical professionals, coaches, parents, youth pastors and workers, Scout leaders, teachers, elder caregivers - anyone can learn good skills from this excellent training." - Jan Bassier, Attendee


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