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#MeToo and Suicide: What is the Price of Shame and Silence with Sexual Assault?

With the current atmosphere in Hollywood, the launch of the #MeToo campaign, and the vast coverage on the Larry Nassar trial, sexual assault cases are now gaining more exposure than ever. The alarming statistics on sexual assault are enough to make the hair on your arms stand up—how is it possible that 1 out of every 6 American women has been the victim of an attempted or completed rape in her lifetime? [i] And what does it mean for these women after-the-fact? (This issue also impacts men, although at a lower rate of 1 in every 33, so I will be referring to victims/survivors as women for the purpose of simplicity)[ii]. We often get flooded with the facts and details of cases that reach the

What is Self Care, Anyway?

As I walked out of the memorial service for my brother, Kacey, my grandmother grabbed my hand and stopped me. She stared at me intently and

Combating the Winter Blues

The northwest has been my home my whole life. I recently moved back to Spokane after living in Seattle for 15 years. For many reasons, I was ready to move back to the east side of the mountains – to be closer to my family, to slow down the fast-paced way I was living my life, and to hopefully reduce the stress that came along with living in a big city. One of the major reasons I moved east was to escape the gloom and doom that descends over Seattle in the winters, springs, and sometimes summers! That gray, dark, constant drizzle that not only leaves you soaking wet and chilled to the bone, but also tired, run down, irritable, and depressed. I thought to myself, “Maybe moving east will give m

Behind the Name: What does it mean to be “FailSafe?”

Some of you may have been wondering, why FailSafe for Life? What does the name have to do with suicide prevention? When Dr. Paul Quinnett designed the “QPR” gatekeeper training, he specifically modeled his idea after CPR. Within the theory behind QPR and CPR, there is a concept discussed called the "chain of survival.” The chain of survival is a four-ringed approach designed to entail what needs to happen when helping someone in a crisis: The first ring is early recognition of warning signs, that someone around a person in crisis is trained to see what is happening so they can respond. The second ring is early application of intervention (QPR or CPR), so this crisis can begin to be averte


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